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a truncated cone or pyramid

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For example, if one were interested in measuring postoperative limb volume changes, circumferential measurements with a spring-loaded tape measure used with a cylindrical or frustrum model would likely be sufficient.
Residual limb length and circumference measures at the tibial tubercle and every 4 cm distally were used with a frustrum model to calculate residual limb volume.
Circumference measurements with a frustrum or cylindrical model [30-31] are practical and probably sufficiently robust for clinical assessment of macroscopic residual limb volume change, i.
Misys acquired ACT and the US-based Frustrum and Summit in successive years between 1995 and 1997, building up its position in financial services.
Parasolid Frustrum support for the major UNIX Platforms (HP, SGI, SUN, IBM, DEC) was added to existing support for Windows.
The integrated hardware includes forward and aft skirts, separation motors, frustrum, parachutes and the SRB nose cap.