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commonly used diuretic (trade name Lasix) used to treat hypertension and edema

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In view of the nephrocalcinosis, a history was taken, which was notable for premature birth (35 weeks gestation), the use of frusemide in infancy, vitamin D overdose, and a family history of urinary calculi.
IN DEMAND Top 10 drugs in Scotland by volume: Aspirin (arthritis, heart problems) 2398 Bendrofluazide (high blood pressure) 1869 Salbutamol (asthma, bronchitis) 1750 Atenolol (heart problems) 1748 Co-codamol (painkiller) 1696 Thyroxine sodium (thyroid problems) 1395 Co-proxamol (painkiller) 1314 Amoxycillin (anti-biotic) 1292 Frusemide (lung,liver, kidney disorders) 1115 Lansoprazole (stomach ulcers) 1016
A urine sample from the amateur jump jockey provided at Cheltenham on October 30 last year was found to contain frusemide, which is a diuretic and a banned substance.
AMERICAN cruiserweight Guillermo Jones has tested positive for the banned diuretic frusemide following his WBO title fight with Johnny Nelson in Derby last month.
She has to take an aspirin, a digoxin and a Frusemide daily.
She was commenced on bisoprolol, irbesartan and frusemide, with gradual improvement of dyspnoea.
His sample was found to have traces of the banned substance, Frusemide.
They were given hypertonic dextrose intravenously, parenteral vitamin K, lactulose enemas and frequent bowel washes, fresh blood or fresh frozen plasma, intravenous mannitol (20%) or frusemide, anticonvulsants when needed, ionotropes and oxygen.
Patients were treated with a multi-drug treatment (78% of patients treated with frusemide, 94% with angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, 70% with carvedilol, and 58% with spironolactone), which was not stopped at the time of the study.
tolerated this infusion of cord whole blood without the slightest clinical problem, without leaving any scope for the utilization of a support system, like O2 inhalation, pre-dehydration with frusemide, etc.
The government-backed UK Sport agency revealed an unnamed jockey had failed a drugs test for Frusemide.
The committee will establish if Mongan, attached to Gary Moore's Brighton stable, committed a breach of the rules concerning the analysis of a urine sample provided at Newbury on April 20 in which there was found a concentration of the diuretic Frusemide.
I also suffer with bad circulation (my feet and ankles really get swollen) for which I take Frusemide and Pavoven.
Warwickshire was also one of five to administer the life-saving drug, Frusemide.
Tenders are invited for Supply of spirinolactone frusemide tab.