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Synonyms for fruitcake

a whimsically eccentric person

a rich cake containing dried fruit and nuts and citrus peel and so on

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Our kids today will not only participate in it in the future, but they'll find new and exciting ways to propel fruitcakes if we engage them at events like this.
It seems that when their mother died, to make sure they would see each other at least once a year, when they make hundreds of fruitcakes for the holidays, she gave each daughter only half of the recipe.
He told his fellow MPs: "It was the fruitcakes who warned against the euro 10 years ago.
To be fair to Mr Farage's rivals, no-one ever expects to face an enemy called Nigel, especially one who likes beer and fags and saying all the things you thought you weren't allowed to say anymore, and all three have blown their defence budgets on finding out that smearing him in fruitcake has no effect.
But I remember a time when a true Southern fruitcake was a work of art and a labor of love.
Fruitcakes have a bad reputation, but they are good.
Not a great start for people about to dig into an all-you-can-eat buffet of fatty dips, brie, quiche, tarts, chocolate-dipped strawberries, fruitcakes, and more.
He had ordered 20 of his favourite fruitcakes for the reception at Windsor Castle.
The not-so-tiresome Trappist monks have produced cheeses, bourbon fudge and fruitcakes for generations and even centuries.
Ship of Fools e-magazine has been saving up its fruitcakes over the years because, as they say, "There's no fruitcake like religious fruitcake.
No doubt that among this capable crew there were a few "freaky fruitcakes," to borrow a Witchiepoo-ism, which may be one of the reasons we love this series so.
Granted, fruitcakes don't appeal to everyone - you either love 'em or hate 'em.
The cake-bustin' party was heavily attended, especially after word got out that several nasty fruitcakes were going to be submachinegunned.
Fine Baking's product line includes fresh baked fruitcakes, tarts and deserts, gourmet pastries and fresh bread sold to International Airlines, gourmet food shops, hotels and private clubs.
Anthony Stephens have brought out a fully organic range of hand-baked fruitcakes.