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garden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth

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Built on the edge of East Hawaii's famed "Scenic Drive," the smoothie business quickly garnered a fanatic following due to its simple, earthy business model: nearly all of the fruit blasted through the operation's high-powered blenders is grown on the 20 acre tropical fruit orchard that surrounds it.
Thus grew his and his wife's commitment to helping Kyrgyzstani farmers double their apricot and other fruit orchard production, such as peaches, pears and pomegranates, and thus double their income.
Funded by the Mondelez International Foundation and delivered by TCV, the 'green gym' and fruit orchard located at Selly Oak Trust School will encourage pupils to grow their own fruit and learn about healthy eating.
Located up a private drive, the home has three acres of pasture, rural and distant sea views and a young fruit orchard and gardens.
Through a partnership with the immensely popular online game FarmVille selected players will have the the opportunity to plant an actual fruit orchard in a very rather than virtual Farmville, VA.
Seller: Tyson and Katherine Jerald, Buyer: Sarjit and Sirpa Singh; Description: Former fruit orchard, trees removed; Address: 555 Loop Avenue, Manson; Price: $340,000; Date: Oct.
Then peace and harmony are restored to the little fruit orchard.
From selecting and taking proper care of gardening tools, to recycling ideas, to saving seeds, looking after a fruit orchard, putting a garden to bed for winter, and much more, The Zero-Mile Diet is a thorough and user-friendly resource.
A series of allotments and a fruit orchard is going to be built for Mab Lane County Primary School next door.
And in the park's International Fruit Orchard, you'll find ripe Australian finger limes, raisin tree fruit, and Surinam cherries.
He recently, joyfully spent his time producing maple syrup in Ware and operating a fruit orchard in Palmer.
Forestry department chief for Paphos Demetris Christofides confirmed initial reports that the fire started in a fruit orchard before quickly spreading.
The 33-acre site includes a California native plant collection, bird habitat area, rare fruit orchard and tranquility, desert, herb and butterfly gardens.
A 23FT-LONG python that swallowed at least 11 dogs was finally discovered in a fruit orchard in Malaysia.