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fruit preserved by drying

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Slice the fruit leather into 1-inch-wide strips, and cut the Twinkles into 1-inch pieces.
MANGO AND YELLOW PLUM FRUIT LEATHER (makes 1 sheet) Fruit leather is essentially concentrated fruit, pureed, dried and rolled into sheets.
Use a small star-shaped cookie cutter on a slice of apple, sprinkled with lemon juice to prevent browning, or a piece of fruit leather.
A food dehydrator is also available that includes five stacking trays, two fruit leather trays and one herb tray.
Stretch Island Fruit Company[TM]: Tasty fruit that can travel with you wherever you go, every original Fruit Leather is equal to half a serving of fruit
Think of fruit leather but thicker and shaped like a granola bar
Using our trusty dehydrator, we dehydrate unsweeteded sauce until it has the consistency of soft fruit leather.
Some of these, natural and organic, products include; Apple & Eve Organic Juice, Horizon Organic Milk, Stretch Island Fruit Leather, Clif Zbar, and Brothers All Natural Fruit Crisps.
Pour onto Silpat[R]-lined sheet tray and dry in oven to consistency of fruit leather, about one hour.
Raspberries and all the blackberries make fine fruit leather (see page 216).
Responding to a growing need for more organic fruit, Stretch Island Fruit Company, makers of all-natural fruit leather since 1976 and FruitaBu organic fruit snacks since 2005, is partnering with the Organic Farming Research Foundation (OFRF) to help further the improvement and expansion of organic farming systems.
Master food preservers from the OSU/Lane County Extension Service will teach a hands-on workshop Tuesday on preserving berries in the form of jam, jelly, pie filling and fruit leather, as part of their Market-to-Pantry series.
With the exception of apples, unripe or overripe fruit, or fruit that is bruised or broken, is best pureed and then dried into fruit leather or made into jelly or jam.
Dry in dehydrator at 155 degrees until puree has consistency of fruit leather, about 90 minutes Let cool and slice into 8 x 1/8-inch strips.