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twelfth month of the Revolutionary calendar (August and September)

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52) Decrees of 14 floreal, 21 prairial, 22 fructidor III, 6 jour complementaire IV (Duvergier, Collection de lois, viii.
77) Archives departementales de la Haute-Garonne, 7L 201 U 2, 26 brumaire and 17 fructidor IV.
6 million capital gain following the July sale of the Supramax Fructidor bulk carrier and the Division will take delivery of two new vessels in January 2009.
The Journal des Theatres began publication, under the editorship of Emile Duchosal, a rather obscure writer, on 1 Fructidor year II (18 August 1794), eleven months after the first issue of the Journal des Spectacles, and some seven months after the demise of the latter and only three weeks after 9 Thermidor.
We can perhaps glean an answer from the Journal des Theatres' review of 19 Fructidor Year II (3 September 1794) of a performance of Voltaire's Brutus at Nicolet's Gaite, the most notorious boulevard theatre of Paris:
Contractor address : Division medicale 1 rue Fructidor CS 2003
On the tenth of Fructidor, or the 27th of August by our reckoning, in the Years IV and V, the young and old of Toulouse gathered together to celebrate the Fete de la Vieillesse, as did many others in the various regions of France.
Cette violence ne s'est jamais completement epuisee, mais il n'y aura aucun autre "grand massacre" de prisonniers, ni aucune autre revolte proprement dite avant la crise entourant le coup d'etat du Directoire en fructidor V.
Mais le Directoire, malgre ses divisions internes, soupconnait ces plans et utilisa l'armee trois mois plus tard afin de purger l'Assemblee nationale, un veritable coup d'etat de l'exlcutif contre la partie legislative du gouvernement, le 18 fructidor.
Contract notice: Rehabilitation work for the creation of a chrs 132 residents in epinay-sur-orge sis buildings fructidor messidor and pluviose road villiers.
This contract work is to rehabilitation work for the creation of a CHRS 132 residents in Epinay-sur-Orge buildings located Fructidor Messidor and Pluviose Road Villiers.