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a soft frozen dessert of sweetened flavored yogurt

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From drinking yoghurt, we jump to frozen yoghurt and a local brand thats recently been recognised by the International Frozen Yogurt Association (IFYAs) for outstanding performance.
All of which has helped Plas Farm double production over the past two years at its 18,000 sq ft unit in Gaerwen According to Plas Farm director Rhian Williams, the Welsh Government's food and drinks division was instrumental in enabling the firm to capitalise on the growing enthusiasm for frozen yoghurt.
Now the company is the UK leader in the manufacture of zero fat, probiotic frozen yoghurt, with a PS2m annual turnover.
Timing, says Rhian, was crucial to the company's development, with investments made in products and manufacturing facilities just as the frozen yoghurt market was taking off.
In my top tip, I'll give you a few ideas on how to pimp your frozen yoghurt even further.
I've used fat–free natural Greek yoghurt and skimmed milk, which results in a beautiful, creamy frozen yoghurt that is virtually fat free.
Repeat this three or four times until you have a smooth, creamy frozen yoghurt.