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a meal that is prepared in advance and frozen

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has acquired Canada-based frozen meal and snack business Les Plats Du Chef, the company said.
Bertolli Frozen Meals will roll out its new, reformulated line of products that display a clean label this fall in an effort fill the growing demand for better-for-you frozen meals.
Better-for-you frozen meals deliver convenience, taste and nutritional attributes.
With one of the biggest consumer food trends, particularly among millennials, being the desire for more ethnic and global cuisine, retailers have the opportunity to make enjoying those flavors easy with the right store brand frozen meal and entr'e offerings.
According to the study, those who consumed frozen meals consumed 253 fewer calories than those who consumed a quick service restaurant meal.
ISLAMABAD -- let the meal stand for the recommended time in the microwave before you start eating because people got food poisoning after eating frozen meals, shows new research.
Consuming a brand A frozen meal was significantly associated with illness.
But are frozen meals where the smart money is these days?
Wiltshire Farm Foods, which distributes frozen meals to elderly customers across the UK, runs refrigeration units 24 hours a day-which previously generated huge electricity bills and had a harmful effect on the environment.
NPD research found that males and young people want larger frozen meal portions.
NPD researchers found that the average American ate a frozen meal about six times each month, or 74 times during the period of March 2000 through February 2001, a 33 percent increase since 1992.
As part of the study, 32 participants between the ages of 25-65 replaced at least 10 meals per week (seven lunches and at least three dinners) with a portion-controlled frozen meal from Healthy Choice.
TV dinners may have gone the way of rabbit ears, but today's frozen meals are akin to smartphones and other highlights of personalized technology Just as providers of communication tools have innovated and adapted to reflect and meet the needs of users, so have frozen meal companies.
Here are four tips for choosing a well-rounded frozen meal when you need something quick:
We see continued growth in the Mexican and Asian frozen meal category," he states.