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a meal that is prepared in advance and frozen

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Hungry-Man was the only frozen dinner I ate when I was a kid," Ives said.
Manchester's Yang Sing, opened by Hong Kong chef Tim Kwan Yeung in 1977, has spawned a range of frozen dinners which parent company McDonald Yang hopes will appeal to up market shoppers.
Healthy Choice, a ConAgra Foods brand, was launched in 1989 as a line of frozen dinners.
Ever wonder who came up with the idea of frozen dinners, pizzas, etc.
Instead of resorting to takeout food or frozen dinners every night, opt for simple home cooking.
I am the Queen's head chef" is a boast that can be made by anyone who can operate a microwave and has a job reheating frozen dinners, so long as they work in one of the hundreds of pubs called "The Queen's Head".
There are some frozen dinners in the freezer, and a bit of money left for her.
Dag oil is highly versatile, naturally derived and has the potential to be used as a home cooking oil or as an ingredient in prepared foods such as frozen dinners, biscuits, snacks and salad dressings.
2 CELEBRITY CAUSES/CAUSES CELEBRES, NOW AND FOREVER Linda McCartney vegetarian frozen dinners, Paul Newman chocolate bars (all proceeds to charity), Ben & Jerry, The Mike Douglas Show with John Lennon and Yoko Ono (on Rhino Home Video: "Five days that changed the course of television," featuring on-air phone calls to strangers to say "I love you, pass it on" and macrobiotic cooking with Black Panther chairman Bobby Seale), Ellen DeGeneres, Lisa Simpson, farmer Jose Bove bulldozing a new McDonald's outside of Paris before billions could be served, Sinead O'Connor tearing up a picture of the pope on Saturday Night Live, Pamela Anderson Lee's implant redux.
Microwave mania has turned frozen dinners into fast food.
com's food experts whipped out their TV trays and pitted 16 popular frozen dinners, The Savory 16, against each other in a tournament to find the healthiest and tastiest meals.
These consumers perceive frozen dinners as a remnant of a past dining era in which these products were valued more for their convenience than their healthiness.
Hence that is why single-serve frozen dinners showed a significant 4.
Paulsen could not put an exact figure to the number of frozen dinners being recalled.