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a meal that is prepared in advance and frozen

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Starting next month, Swanson frozen dinners, Great Starts frozen breakfasts and Fun Feast kids' meals won't be part of Campbell Soup Co.
Lean Ole frozen dinners are being billed as the first authentic-tasting Mexican foods that are low in fat, calories and cholesterol.
However, in the rapidly growing categories of frozen pizza and frozen dinners it is by far the undisputed market leader.
Morton suggested a number of reasons frozen dinners are performing so strongly.
Our meals take the convenience concept of a frozen dinner and elevate it to a fine dining experience," said Thompson.
Long gone are the days when a frozen dinner meant Salisbury steak with mashed potatoes, turkey and gravy with mashed potatoes, or fried chicken with mashed potatoes, But even the newer favorites--like chicken parmesan, pasta primavera, and beef teriyaki--can get old after a while.
stir-fry frozen dinner line, thanks to line extensions including low-carb alternatives.
The difference: a frozen dinner has vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber.
But that doesn't seem likely from the push Unilever put behind two years of test marketing of the Bertolli frozen dinner line in the northeastern United States.
If it's food you buy in a store for microwaving, like a frozen dinner, I would be 100 percent confident in using the container it came in," says Paquette.
Demographics of Frozen Dinner Purchasers Differ by Brand
A Freezer Queen website was still promoting the brand weeks after the last frozen dinner went out the door.
Some of their ingredients (like xanthan gum, wheat maltodextrin, yeast extract, whey protein, and dextrose) sound like the same not-in-your-pantry additives that you'd find in any frozen dinner.
And instead of reaching for the nearest frozen dinner, 77 per cent of women with full-time jobs whip up full-blown evening meals, according to research.