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a meal that is prepared in advance and frozen

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Since the children left to follow their own lives, we heat up frozen dinners in the microwave.
The natural trend is one of the bright spots in the frozen dinners category, which sales wise has been in a bit of a deep freeze of late.
And it's this sense of nostalgia and nutrition for frozen dinners that still fuels his appetite as an adult.
Organic frozen dinner picks contain at least 4 grams of fiber and no more than 360 calories, 3.
As with most milestones, the golden jubilee of the frozen dinner sparks a pondering of the past, present and future of compartmentalized cuisine.
cattle, many consumers might refuse to buy domestic beef; beef exports could decline dramatically and sales in related industries--such as hamburger chains and soup and frozen dinner manufacturers--could be similarly affected.
With the unusual mix of consultants who have been assembled to help redesign the Los Angeles Times, don't be surprised if the newspaper ends up with touches of a frozen dinner or a utility vehicle.
ConAgra, for example, successfully marketed a line of frozen dinner entrees under the "Healthy Choice" banner instead of under its own name.
That happened to china-like thermoset polyester frozen dinner trays, which all but vanished in 1988 after eight years of growth, and with them a slew of big compression molding ventures set up to exploit the burgeoning market for microwavable and ovenable foods.
Marie Callender's frozen dinner range was among the gainers in the $2.
According to ConAgra spokesperson Teresa Paulsen, the frozen dinner should be thrown away and the package returned to the retailer for a full refund.
You'd be hard-pressed to find those calorie and sat fat numbers in a supermarket frozen dinner.
Bertolli Dinner for Two also is the only frozen dinner to gain unprecedented recognition by the prestigious Federation of Italian Chefs of America (FIC).
And instead of reaching for the nearest frozen dinner, 77 per cent of women with full-time jobs whip up full-blown evening meals, according to research.
The guess is that consumers want more from the frozen dinner category.