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an emoticon of a smiling face

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I'm off for a sausage sarnie to cheer this frowny face up.
TABLE A3 Panel Tobit Maximum Likelihood Estimations on the Effect of Emoticons Received on Next Round's Contribution in the Frowny Treatments Partner Matching Frowny Treatments (1) (2) (3) (4) Constant -2.
Thankfully, titian-haired lovely Alicia Witt isn't the one who undergoes the fatal wardrobe malfunction, while the perpetual frowny David Caruso ups the ginger quota as the indefatigable lawman determined to get to the bottom of things.
The opposite of the smiley face is the frowny face, often used to indicate empathy or disappointment.
And there are now signs that combine a display of your speed together with a smiley or frowny face which researchers claim are even more effective, preventing twice as many accidents as cameras - and at a tenth of the cost.
But if the two women were sending each other enthusiastically over-punctuated emails in March, by November the relationship had progressed strictly to frowny emoticons, with Weingarten telling The Wall Street Journal that Rhee "has so poisoned the environment that I am not sure that we can ever get back to a good situation here.
The Dragon's Today Self": The dancing dragon has a self--it's very serious/it's never delirious like a woodland elf/nibbling on mushrooms/but more like a toad on the top of his head/warty and squat between his horns/its mouth in a frowny slit/bulgy-eyed, the sulky thespian/croaking about I am I am/till the dragon/sick of the puffy, Shakespearean ham/coils up his scaly neck/and with an unwhirl worthy of a plumber's snake/flings him against a tree trunk/splat/and for the time being/that's that.
Me and most of the other teens and the pastor have rather frowny looking expressions: I remember that brand of Lutheranism as being big on guilt.
You also ask your child to point smiley, neutral, and frowny faces to represent how he feels about his day.
Kyle's cynical, smart-alecky tone and humorous predicaments will draw readers in, along with the amusing juxtaposition of the perky title and the frowny face icon on the cover, but this funny tale by the author of The Hero of Ticonderoga, Saving the Planet & Stuff, and A Year with Butch and Spike also subtly conveys some good advice.
Alternatively, a customer who does not have his or her fingerprint registered with the system has their driver's license read by its scanner--the system displays a frowny face complete with a raspberry sound if the stripe on the license reads underage.
After breaking into small groups and sharing tepid summaries of the seven proposals, the students filled out feedback forms, which asked them to circle a smiley face for the school they'd most like to attend, frowny faces for those they'd least like to attend and a thumbs-up or neutral face for those in the middle.
For more information on individual plans call Emma on 07854 425 930 FASHION: Clever cover-ups Elia said please can you use the NICE pic of her, not the frowny one > Elia Thomas, personal shopper at Debenhams, St Davids Centre has six top tips for fashion cover-ups.