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Then moisten the Frownie with water and using two fingers of one hand smooth the skin while pressing the patch on with the other.
We are honored to welcome B&P Company as a sponsor and delighted that they have chosen to present the Frownie Award at the Festival.
Actresses have long turned to Frownies to help smooth out lines around eyes and mouths before those fateful close-ups.
B & P Company President and CEO Kathy Wright said her company will introduce the Frownie Award at the debut of The Delray Beach Film Festival on March 8, 2006.
Long before Botox became the chosen method of turning back the years, Americans were using pieces of sticky brown paper called Frownies to banish their wrinkles.
Furthermore, positive feedback via smilies seems to be more effective than negative feedback via frownies.
Tiny sticky facial pads known as Frownies have a celebrity following from Glenn Close and Renee Russo.
If Botox ($250 and up per application) doesn't appeal to you, Frownies may be the low-tech, $17 solution for deeply etched frown lines.
uk), you'll find cult goodies like DuWop Lip Venom, Blax Snag-Free hair bands, and Frownies wrinkle patches.
Players mix and match emoticons, such as Yellow Smilies, Blue Frownies and Purple Crazies to create the biggest matches and longest combos, collecting points along the way.
ie to sell Frownies - a cosmetics franchise - next month with a bash in Buck Whaley's in Dublin's Leeson Street.
com) or Frownies, which you stick between your brows while you sleep to smooth frown lines (pounds 17.
In January 2006, Frownies products will be included in celebrity gift bags at the Screen Actors Guild Awards and are in consideration for the Oscar gift bags.