dew point

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the temperature at which the water vapor in the air becomes saturated and condensation begins

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Advantages include resistance to contamination and elimination of uncertainty between dewpoint and frost point.
Offensive coordinator Scott Frost points out the Ducks were usually just trying to get to the postgame handshakes as soon as possible when Lockie was substituted in for Mariota late in lopsided victories.
Spokesman Richard Frost points out: "Customers in the Midlands will have their gas prices reduced by 16 per cent.
Middleweight: F Borg beat D Frost points 18-7; T Jones lost to C Dilks points 19-6; W O'Sullivan lost to G Jones points 16-6; C O'Sullivan lost to D Hodgkinson points 13-5.
Frost points out, "The first thing they did was select a blade with a different set and a better weld.