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a man who lives on the frontier

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When the need arose, the combination of extraordinary shooting skill and the Kentucky rifle made American frontiersmen invaluable soldiers.
The supposedly Christian frontiersmen, wrote an outraged Franklin, were more barbaric than those to which they claimed superiority.
Q: How did these frontiersmen shape the American character?
He has no use for the concept of the South as a pre-modern, pre-capitalist, feudal, or seigneurial society (depending on how one uses the last term) and instead, following scholars such as Mark Smith and Joyce Chaplin, to mention only two who have significantly modified the idea that the South was totally out of step with the rest of the nation, sees Mississippi frontiersmen and planters as striving to be part of current business and scientific trends.
His work taps into the uninhibited wellspring of the Southwest school as channelled by Will Bruder, Rick Joy and Wendell Burnette, all modern architectural frontiersmen tackling nature head on.
The Welsh Auxiliary Corps of Frontiersmen were commended for their work for the Legion of Frontiersmen, a military organisation that helps disaster victims.
Firelands by Michael Jensen (Alyson)--Gay frontiersmen face a hungry wendigo in this violent novel that erases boundaries.
It covers original and modern reproduction handguns in depth and provides black powder recipes and shooting evaluations of the myriad revolvers available to America's frontiersmen during the post-Civil War era.
Whether the doughty frontiersmen would have welcomed the progress and conveniences, one cannot say.
In his debut novel, Ordinary Wolves (Milkweed Editions, $22), Kantner chillingly juxtaposes the self-relying/live-by-the-rifle dogma of the Alaskan frontiersmen with the invasiveness of the "everything-wanter" persona of the modern world.
was planning to use a well-known logo featuring the silhouettes of the early-19th century frontiersmen.
The term ``redskin'' is especially offensive because, she said, it is rooted in the blood on scalps that were removed by frontiersmen and others seeking bounties.
Frontiersmen crossing the plains during the early 1800s had their own vision of heaven: the soft green crowns of cottonwoods rising above the yellow sweep of sun-parched grass in a land where rain was scarce and potable water scarcer.
This book is a valuable record of the history, the lives and the choices of African American frontiersmen.
Leary, Smith and Ford represent the small number of African American frontiersmen and women doing business overseas.