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any of the front seats in the House of Commons that are reserved for ministers or former ministers

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Frontbenchers who joined a similar rebellion four months ago over triggering Article 50 - including yesterday's four - were given a reprieve at the time.
He said that he would be speaking to other rebels - including eight junior frontbenchers - in the coming "hours and days" but appeared to rule out further sackings.
Among them are several members of the Shadow Cabinet, plus a raft of junior frontbenchers who would rather quit than vote against war on Isis.
Frontbenchers have also angrily confronted Vince Cable, the party's Treasury spokesman, about his tax reform proposals.
He said that as a "first step" he was asking all Tory frontbenchers to register any family member paid for out of their MP's staffing allowance from April 1.
Liberal Democrat and Tory frontbenchers condemned the plan as "disruptive" for schools.
It is understood that will change today when the first of a series of likely declarations by Lib Dem frontbenchers will take place.
Political failure appears to be a price worth paying for former frontbenchers cashing in on the entertainment circuit.
Banning membership by frontbenchers is almost certain to mean that they will wither and die, said the party source.
Three junior frontbenchers stepped down and yesterday a parliamentary aide quit.
The move raised questions about the longterm future of their sister Co-op Party, whose 32 MPs include frontbenchers Ed Balls, right, Stella Creasy and Chris Leslie.
Mr Brown immediately made clear that he expected all Labour MPs - not just frontbenchers - to identify any family members working for them.
The figures emerged as Mr Cameron attempted to flush out Gordon Brown's intentions by writing to ask for Tory frontbenchers to be given access to senior civil servants to prepare the ground for a possible handover of power.
Tory frontbenchers claimed on Friday that the Prime Minister had manipulated Lady Thatcher, who was frail in her old age.
Amid a growing rebellion against the leader, ex-Home Secretary Lord Blunkett begged senior frontbenchers not to quit their posts but to stand firm and dare Mr Corbyn to sack them.