frontal gyrus

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any of the convolutions of the outer surface of the frontal lobe of the cerebrum

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This study showed a decrease of glucose metabolism in frontal gyri, right cingulate, inferior parietal cortex and angular gyri in BD patients.
White matter integrity deficits indicated by lower FA values in the bilateral medial frontal gyri, right subgyral frontal and temporal lobes, and left middle frontal and cingulate gyri were found (Fig).
The independent samples t-test revealed that recent users had greater SWM response than abstinent users in the following regions: a large cluster spanning medial bilateral cingulate, medial frontal gyrus, and left superior and middle frontal gyri (Brodmann's area [BA] 8); medial bilateral superior frontal gyrus (BA 6/8); left insula and precentral gyrus (BA 13); and right insula and inferior frontal gyrus (BA 13; see Table 3 and Figure 3).
At the same time, the imaging demonstrated significantly less activity in right inferior and middle frontal gyri.
Both these traits correlated with regional cerebral glucose metabolism in different and partly overlapping parts of the medial frontal and superior frontal gyri," Dr.