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a local road that runs parallel to an expressway and allows local traffic to gain access to property

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Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo, was prompted by a controversy in Caldwell County where locals have accused TxDOT of lowering the speed limits on widely used frontage roads in the area in order to push drivers into using a new toll road.
The frontage roads will provide two lanes of traffic in each direction.
The existing frontage roads and ramps are also being reconstructed.
Another is wondering whether the frontage roads running along the toll road are being given an artificially low speed limit in order to boost the toll road's revenue.
The Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department said it also will convert the nearly two-mile stretch of frontage roads that parallel U.
Relying on her feet for this 2,730-mile trek, Haddock will follow mostly smaller state highways, including sections of historic Route 66 and some frontage roads along interstates.
5 miles of four to six lane freeway with adjacent frontage roads.
These two future frontage roads will serve as the interim four-lane parkway separated by the right-of-way for the future six-lane parkway.
Now the plan is to bypass bridges using highway on- and off-ramps, frontage roads, secondary roads and judicious route selection - a map which still isn't finished.
Under the terms of the contract, URS will design an expanded 11-mile stretch of highway from four to six lanes, new bridges and overpasses, as well as the reconstruction of interchanges and frontage roads.
The next phase of the project involves the Texas Department of Transportation installing bridge beams over I-20 mainlanes and frontage roads.
Landscaping is encouraged in parking lots and between units to ``frame, soften and embellish the quality of environment, to buffer units from noise or undesirable views, to break up large expanses of parking and to separate frontage roads within a project from public streets.
This will include widening the existing freeway to six lanes in each direction, as well as constructing 135 bridges, 190 retaining walls, 41 sound walls and the relocation of frontage roads and local streets along the corridor.
The mainline and siding are within an existing quiet zone with four-quadrant gate systems at Waller and Navasota Streets and two-quadrant gate systems along the one-way frontage roads at 1-35.
The scope of the work includes construction of new frontage roads, six new ramps and four intersections.