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a tooth for cutting or gnawing

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I at once spurred alongside Raffles, as he rode, bronzed and bearded, with warworn wide-awake over eyes grown keen as a hawk's, and a cutty-pipe sticking straight out from his front teeth.
They clung around the necks of the big stone idols and shrieked as they skipped along the battlements, while Mowgli, dancing in the summerhouse, put his eye to the screenwork and hooted owl-fashion between his front teeth, to show his derision and contempt.
But in an instant Colonel Bohun had recovered his own cruel good humour and laughed, showing two dog-like front teeth under his yellow moustache.
But he never got a chance; he tried heaps of times to enlist as a private, but he had lost both thumbs and a couple of front teeth, and the recruiting sergeant wouldn't pass him.
LEIGH HALFPENNY would not allow the loss of two front teeth to diminish his joy at winning the European Cup with Toulon.
A DOG walker had his front teeth knocked out when he was attacked in a Solihull park.
The end result often is that we then overload the front teeth and they can become loose, wear down greatly or push forwards, all of which are outcomes that nee further treatment.
Washington, April 23 ( ANI ): When 6-10 year old children ate foods they had to bite with their front teeth - like drumsticks, whole apples, or corn on the cob - they were rowdier than when these foods had been cut, a new study has suggested.
A private clinic has been ordered to pay Dhs150,000 in damages to a male patient who suffered deformity to his front teeth after dental treatment.
We are one species of course peace and good will all over the world would be great Anne Wright For my youngest son David to get in touch Sandie Cameron Health and happiness x Rose Clegg Boakes Is my two front teeth or in my case for them not to fall out lol Stuart Melia The people who had their home flooded, to have their homes repaired for Christmas.
A VICTIM has been awarded PS250 compensation after having his two front teeth knocked out.
We take him to the vet regularly, and he has suggested taking his four front teeth out.
Her grandma, 76-year-old Shirley Burnit, who lives in Howdon, North Tyneside, was also born with two front teeth.
A LIVERPOOL mum had the shock of her life after giving birth to a baby girl with two front teeth.
To cut off bites of food, humans usually use their front teeth, or incisors.