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Synonyms for passenger

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We even swapped out wheel seals, hubs and tires, but the front passenger tire still deflated to 25 psi.
This tethered, tubular air bag is designed to provide restraint during passenger-side crashes when the driver is the only front occupant, and also acts as an energy absorbing cushion between driver and front passenger in both driver- and passenger-side crashes.
The model was assessed the best in overall ratings in the injury test as well as the safety of the driver and front passenger seats.
There's also curtain airbags, driver and front passenger two-stage auto adaptive airbags, front lateral bags, side impact bars in front and rear doors, plus 15-inch alloy wheels.
The automaker said it would also replace the front passenger seat belt assembly in the same vehicles because it might not allow an owner to properly secure a limited number of child-restraint systems.
Sitting in the front passenger seat of my 2003 Mini Cooper was an engineer from one of the domestic automakers.
Gain even more room by flipping the front passenger seat forward (sans grandma, of course).
The front passenger seat features an SRS Twin-chamber Airbag based on the Omni-support Concept*5.
His brother, 20-year-old Alexander Moir, was in the front passenger seat.
She said Smith was sitting in the front passenger seat and towards the end of the 20-minute ordeal he headbutted Mr Close.
The first event was the 50 Passenger Dash, an ordeal consisting of running from the back of the bus to the front of the bus, tagging the person in the front passenger seat, then running to the back of the bus as fast as possible, then drinking a shot of Crown Royal.
Even a Jaguar has to have cup holders, and those in the XJR are simple, spring-loaded and placed well within arm's reach of the driver and the front passenger.
Sensors in the front passenger seat detect whether the seat is occupied.
The new models have an array of features including alloy wheels, electric front windows and mirrors, remote control central locking, plus front and side airbags for driver and front passenger.
Because many taxis are Volkswagen Beetles, enterprising drivers have removed the front passenger seat to allow you some legroom--and, unfortunately, a faster meeting with the windshield in a sudden stop.