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compound leaf of a fern or palm or cycad

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Going into the kitchen, I saw a dog's nose peering in through a break among the ruddy fronds.
Slender purple grasses topped with red and yellow fern-like fronds grew rankly all about us to the height of several feet above my head.
Through the heavy Caspakian air, beneath the swollen sun, the five men marched northwest from Fort Dinosaur, now waist-deep in lush, jungle grasses starred with myriad gorgeous blooms, now across open meadow-land and parklike expanses and again plunging into dense forests of eucalyptus and acacia and giant arboreous ferns with feathered fronds waving gently a hundred feet above their heads.
The surface of the fronds is beautifully glossy; and those parts formed where fully exposed to the light are of a jet black colour, but those shaded under ledges are only grey.
Even ice begins with delicate crystal leaves, as if it had flowed into moulds which the fronds of waterplants have impressed on the watery mirror.
The forest floor was a rosy carpet of autumn fronds.
But will you please go to the frond door; there are servants there," the gardener answered.
Although it can get a bit rough around the edges after a hard frost, it will stay the course - with tired foliage being replaced by fresh new fronds in June.
On the underside of the fronds are bands of brown which are the reproductive spores.
Radish & peppered mackerel salad Serves 4 Ingredients 2 x 200g bags of radishes 500g/1lb 2oz baby new potatoes, halved (or quartered if large) 5 tbsp olive oil 3 tbsp Greek-style yogurt Juice half lemon 1 small garlic clove, crushed Half small pack dill, mostly finely chopped, a few fronds reserved to garnish 2 bags lamb's lettuce (about 140g/5oz) 300g pack smoked peppered mackerel fillets, skin off, broken into large flakes
Serve at room temperature, drizzle each portion with splash of olive oil and sprinkle fennel fronds overtop.
New leafy fronds spring forth from the topsides of these feet.
Workers cutting the palm fronds to be retreat them into woods.
In the past, people used to pack dates in plastic containers and bags made of palm fronds and placed in dates stores to protect them from the elements, allowing the production of Al Dibs (Dates Juice), especially from 'Al Fardh' dates.
3 medium fennel bulbs with stalks and fronds 1 medium shallot 2 large oranges 1 lemon 1/4 cup extra-virgin olive oil 1/2 tsp.