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Cancer is the number one killer of Scots but the researchers are hoping their frogspawn experiments will help them understand its causes and develop ways of combating it.
At the pond they observed the frogs in their natural environment and looked for frogspawn.
Q My little garden pond is chock-a-block with frogspawn.
Introducing frogspawn or goldfish will let them interact with living creatures.
For Eurosceptics, it's the Conference Premier play-offs on BT Sport 1 - Grimsby versus Gateshead, accompanied by a good honest fish supper and a glass of some disgusting traditional British beverage such as dandelion and burdock or Old Frogspawn Ale.
I also recall being assaulted as I walked into the dining room by the rancid smell of 'home-made' crisps (apparently 100% grease, 0% potato) and finishing off whatever nutrition-free fare was on the menu that day with the foulest dessert known to primary school kids: frogspawn (aka tapioca).
More than 50,000 records of frogspawn were used to see how common frogs responded to temperature across different parts of the UK.
Don't worry about the amount of frogspawn produced, there is no such thing as 'too much' spawn.
In a second study, Ferrari's team showed that without encountering the "smell of danger" while frogspawn, frogs deem the newt odour as safe and are unable to associate it with danger thereafter.
And the experts say the tell-tale indicators we should be looking out for in Scotland are frogspawn and butterflies.
Therefore the best way to do this is to find someone with a pond and just take a little frogspawn - and some of the water, of course - and pop into a small fish tank.