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hind legs of frogs used as food

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Snail bon bons with frogs legs, |potato foam and onion puree PS8 Rabbit terrine with autumn |chutney and toast PS7.
The frogs legs were nice and hot and the homemade beefburge r was tasty.
For the frogs legs, preheat the over to 400 degrees.
We know they nibble on frogs legs, suck raw garlic, slurp up yucky snails and wouldn't be past making a steak out of a little girl's pet pony.
If only the Welshman had eaten a bit more Swiss roll, he might have not have had frogs legs himself.
To start my husband adventurously chose the brill and frogs legs while I went for the grilled goats cheese.
I have been told my heritage could have been French along the line - but I don't like frogs legs.
Patrons came from miles around to sample her unusual fare of frogs legs, steam pudding with hard sauce, roast beef wellington, to name a few.
Apparently it's popular on the continent, but then, so are frogs legs and mayonnaise on your chips.
Well Thierry, nothing against the French, but we don't relish eating snails and frogs legs either
That night, as the princess dined sumptuously on lightly sauteed frogs legs in a white wine and garlic sauce, she chuckled to herself and said: 'I don't bl**dy think so.
I was astonished therefore when she decided to choose frogs legs in the Left Bank restaurant.
He said: "I imagine that not a lot of people in Holmfirth would think to order frogs legs in a restaurant for the fear they do not like them.
Compare that with the French, who clearly enjoy frogs legs and snails simply because it makes English people nearly vomit just thinking about it, and that somehow reassures the French they are more superior.
His favourite was cuisses de nymphes aurore - frogs legs in champagne.