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hind legs of frogs used as food

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London, Feb 14 ( ANI ): David Beckham is set to have his favourite pie and mash shipped out to Paris to avoid eating frogs' leg and garlic during his spell with Paris St Germain.
There is, though, nothing to suggest that the shop, which has been in Pennywell for 31 years and is owned by Katie McMullan, gets its frogs' legs from a source which treats them inhumanely.
Now if ever I'm asked what frogs' legs taste like, at least I can tell people: "A bit like chicken.
The more adventurous may want to serve frogs' legs or snails.
Season the frogs' legs and saute until golden brown.
The recipe said you could use real frogs' legs or chicken wings.
The giant frogs' legs - cooked in butter and olive oil then sizzled in white wine with shallots - were "delicious," decided Mr Young, who said he would now consider ordering them in France.
Additional factors in&de habitat loss, manmade pollution, and humans' appetite for frogs' legs.
Experts believe they were killed before their limbs were removed - and passed off by a restaurant owner as frogs' legs.
Chez Napoleon: Classic 1950s-style bistro serving up frogs' legs, escargot and bouillabaisse.
TRY THESE: Katie White shows off the frogs' legs and snails on sale at Bistro Qui's stall ENTHRALLED: Amelia McEvoy is fascinated by the deep sea diver at the Aigburth Aquatic Centorium; and, below, Dale Dettlaff, from Aigburth, and Farmer Joe''s Sunflowers PACKED: Huge crowds gathered for the Hope Street Feast on Sunday Pictures: COLIN LANE HATS OFF: Stallholder Nick Broadhead
Kim ended up asking for frogs' legs rather than chicken when she ordered in Paris recently but as Kanye is pretty good at French he corrected her gaffe," the Sun quoted a source as saying.
JIMMY ABDOU is ready to ditch the champagne and frogs' legs for a slap-up fish and chips supper should Millwall taste play-off glory at Wembley today.
But it seems that stotties and frogs' legs were on the menu way back in March of 1984.
I'm no expert in poetry, but when a verse talks of ``Welsh'' food like coq au vin and curry being better then frogs' legs, snails and Bombay duck, I think a hefty dose of irony is being served up.