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insectivorous bird of Australia and southeastern Asia having a wide frog-like mouth

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The baby tawnies aren't just any frogmouths, they are characters with names and personalities.
FEEL THE LOVE: Kirkleatham Owl Centre's Luzon bleeding heart dove, left, spectacle owls Flavia and Freddie, far left, frogmouths Napoleon and Solo, inset, and unlucky hornbill Gilbert, below left Pictures by PETE REIMANN
dusk, swooped by owls and frogmouths, cluttering stubble and rockfaces,
Frogmouths are not owls they are a different family and many ways different.
Mousebirds; Turacos; Old World Cuckoos; Coucals; New World Cuckoos; Hoatzin; Anis; Ground Cuckoos; Barn Owls; Owls; Oilbird; Frogmouths Podardidae.
At the beginning of time Grandmother Frogmouth announces that Frogmouths will make their home in the trees.
A different kind of exception to the basic category of Dusun omen-birds is the (Javan) frogmouth (bugang), which is actually a cause of evil being attracted into its (and the human observer's) proximity; by this token one can engage in a quasi-manipulation of the event--not by staying away, but by chasing away the bird itself by loud banging or gunfire
Three species of frogmouth are listed for DSNP, but no records have been adequately documented.