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An official from the Sharjah Civil Defence Department said: "Initially, our frogmen and others had much difficulty in tracing the youngsters missing at sea.
Robert Bedingfield, who currently serves as the museum's chaplain, read the names of all the 82 frogmen and led the crowd in prayer.
Frogmen sent into the canal to comb the waters for survivors had suspended their efforts late Sunday with 55 bodies recovered.
The team of frogmen recovered the remains - including the victim's torso - from the town's harbour around 5pm yesterday.
Frogmen spent hours dredging the water near her home in Dewsbury, West Yorks, as Shannon's mum Karen sobbed.
He developed a passion for the outdoors as a young man participating in spear fishing and skin diving with the Worcester Frogmen Club.
Oh, Sinbad sailed the Seven Seas / In a gold galleon on a gentle breeze / He left early one morning without saying a word / With his telescope and his secretary bird / Listen if you want to know what Sinbad saw / As he sailed the seas from shore to shore // He saw / 7 frogmen / 14 mermaids preen / 21 flying fish run / 28 penguins skate // He saw / 35 submarines dive / 42 whales turn blue // 49 pelicans dine / 56 dragon chicks // He saw / 63 sailors see / 70 pirates flee // 77motors revin' / 84 oysters snore // Oh Sinbad sailed from / Shore to shore / From shore to shore / Until there wasn't any more.
Police frogmen are expected to start searching the two-and-a-half mile wide lake later this week.
His fully-clothed body was seen floating in the water and recovered by frogmen on Friday.
Snipers lined the roofs of Birmingham, helicopters buzzed overhead, and frogmen searched the canals to protect the royal family as they talked to spectators lining the route from Snow Hill Station to Broad Street.
POLICE frogmen may have found the murder weapon used to kill two Midland massage parlour workers.
Meanwhile, villagers in the area apprehended two suspected LTTE frogmen equipped with diving gear on the beach.
Chosen in 1943 to establish an underwater demolition school in Fort Pierce, Florida, Kauffman rigorously trained teams later known as frogmen (later to be known as the Navy SEALs) to defuse bombs and destroy submerged obstacles deployed by the Nazis to impede the invasion of France.
There is the information that when George and Barbara Bush camped at Glacier Park, navy frogmen patrolled the nearby lake to guard them.
Starting with the famed Underwater Demolition Teams of WW II, the Navy trained its frogmen in all forms of land warfare, and then taught them to parachute into action, anywhere and anytime.