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march a person against his will by any method

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carry someone against his will upside down such that each limb is held by one person

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Baggies boss Denis Smith had to race from the dug-out to frog-march his distressed players down the tunnel as the mood turned ugly.
The last thing the Council and the Diocese want to be seen to be doing is to frog-march an unwilling institution out of a leafy suburb to an inner city industrial estate - albeit a hi-tech and upmarket one.
This poor man will no doubt carry the scars for the rest of his life, but the Government's answer is to frog-march knife thugs to hospital and let them see first-hand the damage knives can do.
In that time, they have continued to frog-march African countries into policies that have harmed them
The police would frog-march the culprit from the ground with a sharp message in their 'shell-like'.
Nobody can contrive an artificial contest or somehow try to frog-march somebody on to the ballot paper.
If the French can frog-march speeding motorists to the nearest cashpoint, why don't we?
Okay there are constant rumours the luxuriously named Wanderley Luxembourgo wants to frog-march the English out of the side (if Jonathan Woodgate can walk).
If I went to that sort of church I would frog-march the minister out of the pulpit.
Following the attack, which happened as the woman walked along Queen Victoria Road, Coventry, on Thursday night, the attacker then tried to frog-march his victim to a cashpoint to withdraw money for him.