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Frog spawn is clumpy, whereas toad spawn is in strings.
Well, if you are right," I said, "it would be interesting to think of which people were descended from frog spawn - perhaps the bankers, politicians, chief executives, tyrants and executioners, while poets, troubadours, jugglers, doctors and wine makers came from Paradise.
Indeed I have never forgiven them for force-feeding me tapioca pudding, otherwise known as frog spawn.
SANCTUARY: Cliff Bishop with frog spawn from his garden pond and (left) one of the frogs in the pond.
As the spring heats up and you can see the frog spawn in the water - it has arrived early this year - people start to think about ponds.
Froglife, a charity representing all creatures amphibious, warn that swapping frog spawn can lead to the spread of invasive plants and harmful diseases.
Egg yolks are a big bugbear for my boyfriend - too soft and he says they're like frog spawn, too hard and they're so dry they leave his mouth like a desert.
This is designed to swell on contact with water, which gives the gelatinous mass we are all familiar with in frog spawn.
There's a stream that runs under the road and across here and I want to clear that all out and maybe put some frog spawn in so we can have frogs.
This needs to happen as much and as often as possible; for example, frog spawn, where many eggs are laid to ensure that at least some become tadpoles and ultimately frogs themselves able to reproduce.
Dolts with the IQ of frog spawn assume they have the right to spew venom without retaliation.
FUN: Mikey Bailey holds a toad watched by Oban Duncan, above, Rosie Colbert and Oban on the carved frog, right, and Cath Brason, recreation ranger, shows the kids some frog spawn, far right Pictures by DOUG MOODY
The kids have really enjoyed themselves, especially with pond dipping and the frog spawn.
If we get a sufficiently good response, I'd like to publish the results and bring back fond memories - these can include nostalgic thoughts such as frog spawn and tapioca pudding.
I CALLED up a friend last week to see whether, as a father of three, he agreed with the list of '33 things to do before the age of 10', compiled by washing powder brand Persil' So when did you last play Pooh sticks, collect frog spawn or make perfume from flower petals with the kids?