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a Rhaeto-Romance dialect spoken in northeastern Italy

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The Friulians make a delightful fruity wine, bursting with peachy aromas and additional layers of citrus flavors, from Ribolla Gialla, a native grape that surprisingly is grown nowhere else, except Greece and parts of Slovenia.
One native varietal the Friulians have helped to create international demand for is Pinot Grigio, which is the Pinot Gris of Alsace in France.
It concludes that once the Executive Rules of Law 482 are issued, Friulians will have many useful juridical instruments for making their linguistic rights prevail.
The following are some of the presentations to be found in this volume of selected proceedings from the Congress: "Bacillus Emigraticus: Origins, Symptoms, and Cures" (Diego Bastianutti); "Patterns of Friulian Emigration from Italian Unification to World War II" (Franc Sturino); "Creating an Identity: The Friulian Community of Sudbury" (Diana Iuele-Colilli); "Friulians in Trail, B.