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a Rhaeto-Romance dialect spoken in northeastern Italy

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Wines from Friuli Colli Orientali are full-bodied with expressive fruit and mineral character that makes them food-friendly and age-worthy.
Mackinnon-Patterson, who specializes in the cuisine of Friuli, sources stone-ground polenta from South Carolina heirloom producer Anson Mills.
Bu Khadhoor also met with the deputy mayor of Trieste and discussed cooperation between Kuwait and the autonomous Friuli Venezia Giulia region.
Reina is expected to start in Liverpool's crucial final Europa League Group A match against already-eliminated Udinese at the Stadio Friuli tonight.
30pm Udinese welcome Arsenal to the Stadio Friuli for this play-off round second-leg match.
The Italians will feel frustrated that the industry of captain Antonio Di Natale did not bring them an away goal to take back to the Stadio Friuli next week.
The England boss hails from the Friuli region and it's not, says the chef, the best place in Italy for cooking.
The topics include a modeling approach supporting air spargeing system design, modeling water-solid interactions, contaminants in groundwater and the subsurface, preliminary studies for designing a wetland for arsenic treatment, the hydrogeology and geochemistry of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Plain alluvial aquifers in northeastern Italy, ground-penetrating radar in ground water studies, and the distribution and source of nitrogen compounds in the groundwater of Kuwait.
Hosted by the Italian-American Association of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the AC keeps alive the dream of a longtime U.
Udinese's hopes of a Uefa Cup berth were dealt a huge blow as Nicola Pozzi's first-half goal handed Empoli a 1-0 triumph at the Stadio Friuli.
In the future, we're told, Sauvignon Republic labels will show up on sauvignon blancs from the Loire Valley in France, Friuli in Northern Italy, and also select areas of Chile and Austria.
Frasca, named for traditional informal cafes in Friuli that are identified by a branch over the door, is the kind of restaurant a wine lover enjoys.
With a production of 44 000 000 chairs every year, 30 per cent of all factory-manufactured chairs in the world are made in Friuli.
in 2001, according to Adams Beverage Research, and has recently made a major investment by purchasing Borgo Conventi, a well-known estate in Italy's Friuli region, for $8.
As an example of communal strength, Buia was unusual in another respect: during the great peasant revolt that bloodied Friuli just five years before, Buia's tranquili ty made it the piece that did not quite fit into the larger puzzle of social discontent.