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However, just as we can plant and grow croci, tulips, fritillarias and freesias without knowing their botanical basis, so, too, can we plant summer bulbs.
Look to books for inspiration and plant your spring-flowering bulbs now, giving priority to daffodils, crocuses, hyacinths, fritillarias, erythroniums and Dutch irises along with spring bedding such as wallflowers and bellis daisies.
My father planted fritillarias everywhere on the farm and we never saw a mouse.
The popular spring flowering bulbs - narcissus, crocus, snowdrops, iris reticulata, tulips and fritillarias - are planted in autumn, as are many of those that flower in summer such as alliums and lilies.
There are Little Devil Tulips, Jetfire Narcissus, Snake's Heads or Fritillarias, Harlequin Crocus and Star of Bethlehem with a price tag of pounds 1.