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Turkiye'deki 17 populasyondan 11 Fritillaria taksonunun karyotipleri ve idiyogramlari verilmektedir Bunlar; F hermanis subsp.
Conclusion: These results suggest that verticine, ebeiedine and suchengbeisine isolated from the bulbs of Fritillaria thunbergii inhibit the gene expression and production of MUC5AC mucin, by directly acting on airway epithelial cells, and the results are consistent with the traditional use of Fritillaria thunbergii as remedy for diverse inflammatory pulmonary diseases.
Present investigation was done by the need to identify a beetle that was feeding extensively on Fritillaria imperialisis L.
2013--Chorology and habitat characterization of Fritillaria caballeroi a endemic and threatened species in the Central System (Iberian Peninsula) --Lazaroa 34: 19-27.
For example, the combination of Fritillaria "Chopin" and the double Tulipa x "Princess Irene"--their purple stems and veining in each orange flower accentuated by their proximity--may make it impossible to wait for the fall catalogues to arrive.
The swaying daffodils have given way to swathes of aubretia and elegant fritillaria.
Combined with an under-planting of Helleborus niger, the white flowered Christmas rose and some snowdrops or Fritillaria meleagris (snakeshead fritillary) and you will have something to look at all winter long.
They are bulbs of Fritillaria meleagris, a plant native to the British Isles, though sadly almost extinct in the wild now due to the wholesale drainage of land.
WEEKEND GARDENING TIPS | Sow French beans if the soil is warm enough, not still wet and cold | Sow runner beans in pots for planting out in mid-May | Plant summer-flowering bulbs Allium and Fritillaria in sandy soil mixture | Evergreen and coniferous hedges are planted this month | Hardy annuals can be sown but only if the soil is dry enough to create a tilth
Caballero (1948) described Fritillaria falcata in the Sierra de Francia (Salamanca), pointing out that it was a very different species from other known species of the genus on the basis of its small size, its falcate leaves and the presence of a single flower.
We were like excited children to see some beautiful fritillaria we have tried to grow for several years and finally succeeded - such pleasure from small things.
The following bulbs are considered moderately shade-tolerant: hyacinth, arum, ornamental onion or alium, fritillaria, erythronium, puschkinia, chinodoxa.