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a native or inhabitant of Friesland or Frisia

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a West Germanic language spoken in Friesland in the northwestern Netherlands

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When Arjen Terpstra made his debut as a novelist in 2008, he gave notice to an appreciative reading public that a promising author had joined the ranks of significant Frisian writers.
Replying two days later, the Frisian ministers urged the Amsterdam Waterlanders to acquaint "all churches in Prussia and the whole of Germany, and wherever established" with the English affair, which "is a completely new and never heard of affair.
The classic specialties from Darjeeling and prestigious teas from Assam, which is mainly used for the quality East Frisian blends in Germany, remained very much in demand with German tea drinkers.
The Frisians are one of the Germanic tribes in the northwest of the European continent.
3) Similarly the Danes in the Finn episode disentangle both themselves and the bride-queen, Hildeburh, from her grievously tainted life with Finn and his Frisians.
His story survives in Beowulf itself and in the fragmentary poem, The Fight at Finnsburh; in both works, the events described relate to a historical struggle between Jutes (the `Danes' in Beowulf) and Frisians in the early fifth century.
A wide range of connections between the Anglo-Saxons and the Frisians in the early Middle Ages is the subject of this publication of the proceedings, in English, German, Frisian, and Danish, of a conference that took place in Leeuwarden in January 1994.
And there is other evidence of how things went wrong: letters of Gregory the Great to new bishops in England, one of which would allow converts to kill cattle for food in the usual places; Daniel of Winchester's letter to Boniface; Pope Zacharius' letter to Pepin the Short; reports of missionaries amongst the Frisians (p.
The younger son of Tiberius Claudius Nero and Livia Drusilla, although his parents were divorced and his mother married Augustus just before his birth (38); served with his older brother Tiberius (later emperor) in the Alpine campaign (15); governor of the three Gauls (13); led a series of expeditions into Germany, subduing the Frisians, Chauci, Cherusci, and Chatti, and constructing a Rhine-North Sea canal (12-9); praetor (11), proconsul (10), and consul (9); reached the Elbe River (9), but was injured in a riding accident and died a month after.
Of all the European minorities, the Frisians of the Netherlands are widely perceived as a model of healthy social and linguistic identity.
While Chelsea prevaricate over a move, the Frisians have tabled a pounds 2m move and that appears to have swayed the player.
Special mention goes to Maarten Hamckema's (Hamconius) verse history of Frisland (the northwestern-most province of the Netherlands), which claimed that the ancient Frisians sailed to Chile and planted a cross there.
I can speak it but, like a lot of Frisians, never learned to write it, so I got a spell-check, some grammar books, and a dictionary and started rediscovering the memmetaal, the mother tongue.
DE OERPOLDER (The ancient polder) is a book about survival: the testing of the human spirit in the age-old battle of the Frisians to survive the sea, and not merely to survive but to tame it in order to carve out a good living on land that in many places lies well below sea level.
As a private person, she wrote a newspaper column under the pen name of Frou X, in which she questioned the need for wives to play passive roles and encouraged Frisians to see their culture as vital, not dead.