Frisian Islands

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a chain of islands in the North Sea off the coast of northwestern Europe extending from the IJsselmeer to Jutland

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The next several pages of text, following introduction of motifs in the initial fifteen lines, braid together Childers's articulated fear that Germany could easily launch an invasion of Britain from the Frisian islands with Churchill's reading of The Prisoner of Zenda and his composition of Savrola, the Ruritanian romance he wrote in 1897 and published first in MacMillan's Magazine and then, in 1900, as a novel with Hodder and Stoughton's "Sevenpenny Library.
The services include field work on the mainland coast between Nessmersiel and Cuxhaven including Jadebusen and Weser estuary and on the East Frisian Islands Norderney, Baltrum, Langeoog, Spiekeroog and Wangerooge and in the terrestrial area of ?
Three nights later his Halifax "K for Kitty" was back in the battle order, dropping mines in German shipping lanes off the East Frisian Islands.
Presented under the exhibition title "Anywhere" on the neighboring North Frisian Islands of Fohr (Museum Kunst der Westkuste) and Sylt (Kunst:Raum) Sylt Quelle), these photographs also play with the idea of the islands as objects of longing.
During daylight yesterday aircraft of Bomber and Coastal Commands attacked shipping off the Frisian Islands and objectives in occupied territories'.