Frisian Islands

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a chain of islands in the North Sea off the coast of northwestern Europe extending from the IJsselmeer to Jutland

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During daylight yesterday aircraft of Bomber and Coastal Commands attacked shipping off the Frisian Islands and objectives in occupied territories'.
To compound the fiction braided at the outset around biography, Childers, as far as I know, never sailed from the Alde in Suffolk on any of his pre-World War I explorations of the Frisian islands, the coasts of Holland and Germany, and the Baltic that provided material for The Riddle of the Sands and, eventually, his official paper for the Admiralty, The Seizure of Borkum and Juist.
15 The Frisian Islands are divided between which three countries?
The advertising community of East Frisian Islands (OFl) GbR wants to re-establish itself as an institution and destination and has therefore been pursuing a strategy process since 2016.
The aircraft was part of 139 Squadron RAF and this unit was at the time involved in shipping strikes along the Dutch coast and the Frisian Islands.