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a native or inhabitant of Friesland or Frisia

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a West Germanic language spoken in Friesland in the northwestern Netherlands

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Most notably the people of Kaupang, as identified by objects judged to be the personal possessions of travellers, came from many corners of Europe: Frisians, Danes, (West) Norwegians, Slavs, bur none from the British Isles.
Presented under the exhibition title "Anywhere" on the neighboring North Frisian Islands of Fohr (Museum Kunst der Westkuste) and Sylt (Kunst:Raum) Sylt Quelle), these photographs also play with the idea of the islands as objects of longing.
Well, in addition to the meanings of both "cup" and "head," Modern Frisian kop also has the sense of "blister, bubble, pock," and so it's no great leap--at least from Frisian--to the sting of a poisonous spider.
Situated in Schortens, a Frisian town in northern Germany near Wilhelmshaven, the Nordfrost Group is the creation of Horst Bartels, who established the business in 1975 to store skimmed milk powder in rented warehouses.
During the Fifth Crusade (also known as Frisian Crusade), the Christian armies were camped in the Nile delta near Damietta where they plotted to take control of the city.
with brand of Susu Ultra, PT Frisian Flag Indonesia with brand of Susu Bendera, PT Sari Husada Tbk.
ARRIVALS Today: Sarpen, Tranmere; Rodlo, Mo I Rana; Yara Gas II, Sluiskil; Frisian Trader, South Shields; City of Lutece, Le Havre.
Replying two days later, the Frisian ministers urged the Amsterdam Waterlanders to acquaint "all churches in Prussia and the whole of Germany, and wherever established" with the English affair, which "is a completely new and never heard of affair.
The classic specialties from Darjeeling and prestigious teas from Assam, which is mainly used for the quality East Frisian blends in Germany, remained very much in demand with German tea drinkers.
Should Feyenoord want to buy Krul on a full-time basis, United could name their price, but the Frisian club will offer up to pounds 2m.
By 1542, he had accepted an appointment as superintendent of the East Frisian church.
In May 1217 a large flotilla of Frisian and Rhenish ships set sail for the East to rendezvous with other contingents from across Europe.
Lufthansa Cityline has officially inaugurated Bombardier CRJ900 regional jet services with a flight from Bonn-Cologne to Westerland on the Frisian island of Sylt.
The final poem says so as well, one of my favorites, where we learn that in the Fridsma's Frisian home the kerosene lamp did not get lit until the family had sung some psalms--in order that they could get used to the dark and appreciate the light when it came.
Dutch renewable energy interest Ecofys recently announced plans to introduce a newly designed fuel cell boat at the Frisian Nuon Solar Challenge -- a solar-powered boat race being held next month in the Netherlands.