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an ancient region of northwestern Europe including the Frisian Islands

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Sin embargo, los datos sobre el efecto del gen BLG sobre la calidad de la leche y los parametros de cantidad muestran un efecto positivo, de manera similar al efecto encontrado por Staiger y colaboradores (8) en las razas del Valle del Belice y Frisia oriental.
Tras esta diaspora, se instalaron en cuatro zonas: Frisia oriental, el valle del Rin, Hamburgo y, desde 1600, invitados por el gobierno de Prusia, en el delta del Vistula, cerca de Danzig, Marienburg y Elblag, en Prusia oriental.
When, therefore, in the Dutch booklet, whose covering note is dated 21 May 1609, he says "Ea quae in GALLIJS et ANGLIA adnotata, pecul[iari] et designat[o] libello conscripsimus" [Those that (are) in France and England I recorded, with annotations, in a separate and especially prepared booklet], and states this in a planned headnote on the page where, further down, the notes on Frisia begin, this not only makes it clear that this booklet must itself be a copy, but also makes it antecedently probable that the booklet on France and England was such another, not an original.
Thus, one can observe a sudden population loss in the 6th century in a zone in northern Europe that encompassed at least Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Gotland, Oland, southern Sweden as far as Lake Malaren, southern Norway, Denmark, as well as Schleswig-Holstein and northern Frisia in Germany.
My observations are drawn from repeated visits over a period of thirteen years (including a year of continuous fieldwork from 2010 to 2011) to Dobbe, a village located in the region of East Frisia between the North Sea and the Ems River.
Like the sword laid on Hengest's lap as a symbol that makes the hero bear the memory of the imperative of revenge and is associated with treachery that results from the tragic conflict of values, the necklace alludes the treasure of Finn that is plundered from Frisia and transported with Hildeburh.
We wanted to ask consumers specific questions about our Frisia Mini Marshmallows packaging," says Eline van Muilwijk, marketing Manager at Astra, "so using the candy box itself to solicit their input made a lot of sense.
En esencia, el "Fragmento de Finnsburh" trata de una princesa danesa que se ha casado con Finn, el rey de Frisia, para evitar una guerra.
They compared the Krummhorn region of East Frisia (Germany), which was a densely populated area with little space for demographic development, and the growing Canadian settlements in Quebec.
Ma in una occasione si evidenziano veri e propri cavalli di frisia, che delimitano le oceaniche distanze tra le parti.
Lambert's Church, Aurich, in Frisia, showing the famous Mass of St.
En Frisia oriental, en las orillas pantanosas del rio Ems .
The last five essays examine the development of literacy in administrative writing in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Frisia in order to uncover how literacy grew throughout all sections of society.
Customers have included AN Energie, Bonus Energy, Dewind, Enercon GmbH, Ecotechnia, Frisia, Gamesa Eolica, GE wind energy, Lagerway, Made, Mitsubishi Heavy industries, NEG-Micon, Nordex, REpower, Vestas Wind Systems.