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an ancient region of northwestern Europe including the Frisian Islands

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Garden centres and nurseries will have dozens of others on offer, including my top three - Gleditsia Sunburst, Robinia Frisia and the weeping cherry.
Contract notice: Executive / management of the active regions eider treene-care and southern north frisia.
In 1500 Emden was an inconspicuous town under the political tutelage of the counts of East Frisia.
The coins include early 8th-century sceattas, ultimately derived from Frisia, and West Saxon broad penny coinage, minted between the mid 9th and late 10th centuries AD.
For a few years now, tea consumption in East Frisia has apparently been gradually declining.
Supply of electricity for the circle Liegenschaftes North Frisia from renewable sources, 30% from new investments (in the year of commencement of delivery not older than 6 years).
William Frederick, after a brisk and unpleasant competition for the offices with Frederick Henry, Prince of Orange and head of the family, became stadholder of Frisia, Groeningen, and Drenthe.
And if it were not for the small community in East Frisia, a traditionally heavy tea drinking district that borders Holland in the north of Germany where the per capita consumption is among the highest in the world (2,400 gms), the statistics would be even less impressive.
Henricus' three brothers were to obtain influential positions in the army, trade, and at the courts, while his sister married Johannes Rhala, the receptor of religious properties in Frisia (ontvanger van de geestelijke goederen).
This quantity is not significant when compared to the average tea consumption by inhabitants of East Frisia in the northernmost part of Germany, who are considered to consume the most tea in Germany.
There is no evidence that Erasmus ever visited Frisia, the northernmost province in the Low Countries and the native land of his illustrious predecessor, Rudolph Agricola.
In the tea business, there is one stable tea territory, the region of eastern Frisia.
Frisia, seu De viris rebusque Frisiae illustribus libri duo.
The West German region of North Germany, including East Frisia, which is traditionally a heavy tea drinking area, accounted for 38.
North Germany and East Frisia, traditionally heavy tea drinking districts, maintained their significance with a share of 40%, which means their consumption is almost 100% higher than their household share of 20.