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a light, plastic disk about 10 inches in diameter

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The club competes in the game Ultimate - formerly known as Ultimate Frisbee - which is pushing to become an Olympic sport.
HOW TO CLAIM: Claim your free frisbee online at www.
Frisbee catching has been dropped from a popular Cumbria dog show, donkey rides banned in case sunbathers are injured and office workers at an Aldershot company have been told they must not wear open-toed shoes in the summer, according to complaints to the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE) "myth buster" panel.
FRISBEE MASTER: Desperate dog Remy loves playing with his toys
Smith pulls off incredible frisbee tricks while visiting some of Dubai's most famous landmarks - including Burj Khalifa, Wild Wadi, the Marina and SkydiveDubai.
Ultimate is the tool we use; it's the context of building the bridges for foundations of trust," says Barkan, who played Ultimate Frisbee internationally for years and was inducted into the sport's hall of fame in 2010.
The third prize winners, Colin Herrington (Canada) and Dylan Finol (USA), who are residing in Saudi Arabia now, took QR6,000 for their short film Frisbee Trick Shots.
The American University in Cairo (AUC) hosted a tournament for Egypt's Ultimate Frisbee teams last Saturday.
To heighten the holiday atmosphere, the Mazda MX-5 will be joined by a pro frisbee player doing stunts and distributing give-away frisbees to encourage participants to have even more fun-in-the-sun.
Ticket giveaways and frisbee throwing contests sprinkled throughout the game, as well as the chance to meet and talk with players after the game, insure that fans get their money's worth each night.
CUTLINE: Above, the Gael Force robot, from Clinton, shoots a Frisbee, on its way to winning three points at the FIRST robotics regional competition at WPI last weekend.
A SECURITY officer was suspicious when he saw two men playing with a Frisbee on the Deeside Industrial Estate.
A BRIDGEND frisbee club is appealing for sponsorship to help with funding and raising awareness of the sport in south Wales.
We examined the relative (%HRmax) and absolute (METs) intensity of sport (Soccer and Frisbee) in 49 individuals (27 male, 22 female; see Table 1 for participant characteristics) participating in intramural Men's or Women's Soccer, or co-ed frisbee.
Other activities include the Oleg Acrobats, a team of Frisbee freestylers, Las Cossas Nostra, a world-renowned beatboxer and skilled balloon modeller Lord Geoffrey.