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Synonyms for fringe benefit

added extra

Synonyms for fringe benefit

an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right)

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8226; Detail out the IRS rules around when taxes are due on Fringe Benefits
Fortunately for employers and employees, a number of fringe benefits are fully or partially excluded from an employee's income, yet still deductible by the employer as a business expense.
In general, the nondiscrimination rules do not apply to de minimis fringe benefits.
All of the staff, technology and tools currently used by Fringe Benefits Management Company to serve these accounts will also be transferred to WageWorks.
If these fringe benefits are however, correctly spent on what they are intended for, as for example a housing allowance, then a pensioner should not have a home loan debt at retirement that needs to be paid for out of a pension income.
First, a new section 132 supplied (8) a comprehensive list of specific fringe benefits excluded from income and general authority for excluding de minimis fringe benefits.
First, they may provide a way to deal with excessive compensation issues, as long as fringe benefits are treated differently from salary and wages.
18 euros an hour, with more than 40% in fringe benefits.
Observation: This Chief Counsel Advice rationale also may apply to other situations where an S corporation provides taxable, properly valued fringe benefits to employee-shareholders.
As a volunteer for the AICPA Tax Division, Walker has chaired the Fringe Benefits Task Force, the Domestic Relations Task Force and the Tax Determination Subcommittee.
Who says there are no fringe benefits in being a model?
In two pieces published recently in the Hoover Institute's Education Next journal, economics professor Richard Vedder of Ohio University and Michael Podgursky, chairman of the department of economics at the University of Missouri-Columbia, say teacher salaries compare with salaries of other professionals considering the length of their work day, number of days they work--about 190 days including professional development compared to 240 days for most other professions--and fringe benefits.
Similarly, inequality in the distribution of fringe benefits has also been studied.
If warranted, this collective filte r for opinion was deemed capable of "extending its functions in many directions -- including the provision of fringe benefits and improved welfare--a "mutual approach" motivated by "what is best for the industry.
The monthly total companies paid in fiscal 2000 in nonlegally mandated fringe benefits for workers dipped 2.