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third month of the Revolutionary calendar (November and December)

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Nonetheless, the resolution became law on 14 frimaire V (4 December 1796) thanks to an alliance between republican deputies who wanted to preserve the amnesty as a necessary means to end the revolution (and protect erstwhile allies) and moderate deputies who welcomed the opportunity to curtail the influence of Jacobins in the upcoming elections.
46) See the sessions of 20 frimaire and 1 germinal III in Moniteur, Reimp.
123) Rapport presente au Ministre de l'Interieur, 9 Frimaire An VII [29 Nov.
87) Chenier, Motion d'ordre sur les theatres (Paris, 8 Frimaire year VI, [28 November 1797]), in Archives Nationales.
The recapture of the port city came only days after the Law of 14 Frimaire - the "constitution of the Terror" - had been passed by the National Convention.
Selon le Journal des hommes libres, 20 frimaire IV, elle a ete trouvee sur la personne de Blahic au moment de son arrestation.
Two examples to have popped up in recent weeks are Frimaire and Secret Appeal.
Frimaire did not show such smart race form as Secret Appeal, although in 1995, as a three-year-old, he won over 11 furlongs in France for Andre Fabre.
Susie's Flyer had to race in the five-furlong two-year-old maiden for the reason that her little-known sire, Frimaire (by Slip Anchor), is not in the European Breeders' Fund, making her ineligible for a lot of races.