Frigid Zone

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the part of the Earth's surface forming a cap over a pole

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Compared to actinobacteria recovered under normal nutrient condition, colony counts of oligotrophy-tolerant actinobacteria was less in samples from alpine cold temperate zone, while more in samples from alpine subfrigid zone and alpine frigid zone.
For example, during Knecht's chase narrative, the fishing boat entered the Southern Frigid Zone, because navigation is hazardous as a result of very high waves and ice conditions.
One new characteristic of winter is the frequent wild swings of temperature: The sudden appearance in midwinter of weather that properly belongs in April or May, with temperatures rising to the 50s or higher, only to plummet again into the frigid zone within hours.
Mowat credits them with being adaptable and hardly a "prisoner of the Arctic" (page 103) like many other species "whose survivors in our time are now restricted to the frigid zone simply because they have been destroyed by us elsewhere.
This, in itself, is no easy task in a frigid zone and at an altitude of 3,000-4,000 meters.