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a medium size square-rigged warship of the 18th and 19th centuries

a United States warship larger than a destroyer and smaller than a cruiser

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This is where the Danish/Norwegian proposal comes in for a joint operation using two naval frigates for security and two civilian roll-on, roll-off vessels to carry the lethal cargo from Syria.
ANKARA -- Pakistan's first indigenously built F-22 frigate "PNS ASLAT" will be visiting Golcuk Naval Base in Turkey from 22 to 25 October 2013 and will participate in various harbour and sea exercises with the Turkish Navy.
About 20 frigates will be built to replace the country's aging Ulsan and Pohang patrol escort ships by 2020.
The warship, along with two other frigates of the class-- INS Teg and INS Trikand, have been built as part of an over Rs8,000-crore contract signed with Russia 2006.
This latest success is a further demonstration of DCNS's industrial vigour and vitality, with six multimission frigates currently under construction.
INDIAN Navy's quest to emerge as a global and regional sea power will receive a major boost with New Delhi and Moscow in negotiations to purchase three additional frigates from Russia.
In the SDSR, the Government cut the number of frigates or destroyers in the navy's fleet from 24 to 19.
KARACHI, Jul 3, 2011 (TUR) -- A press briefing was held on TCG Barbaros frigate on Saturday after three Turkish frigates and a logistics support vessel arrived at Karachi port of Pakistan on Friday as part of a mission to fight piracy in international waters.
In 2009, Bulgaria purchased three second-hand frigates from Belgium - Drazki, Gordi ("Proud"), and "Verni" ("Faithful") and the Tsibar minesweeper.
It is the last of the four Type 22 frigates and has provided 20 years of service to the Royal Navy.
He said that the 265-meter long Andrews is considered a giant frigate, pointing out that Um-Qasr Port had received a number of huge frigates this year, last of which was a Japanese frigate, carrying 848 cars, on its first trip for Iraq and the third trip across the world.
A press statement issued by the Pakistan Navy, said that it has already acquired two new F-22 frigates from China, and that the third vessel is to be commissioned in two to three months time.
The deal replaces a similar agreement with France which Algeria decided to cancel because of negotiations between Paris and Rabat to sell FREMM frigates.
The 13 Type 23 frigates form 50% of the total frigate/destroyer force in the Royal Navy.
From India's defense point of view, the stealth project is very vital as the three stealth frigates are among the 12 frigates and destroyers that are to be built under Project17 (P17) which is the country's indigenous defense program to build sophisticated stealthy multirole surface ships.