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an architectural ornament consisting of a horizontal sculptured band between the architrave and the cornice

a heavy woolen fabric with a long nap

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It contained one of the precious stockings; and half opening it, I revealed to Sylvia's astonished eyes the cunning little frieze of Bacchus and Ariadne, followed by a troop of Satyrs and Bacchantes, which the artist had designed to encircle one of the white columns of that little marble temple which sat before me.
The man in the frieze coat raised his arms and shouted:
It was, in its way, a very charming room, with its high panelled wainscoting of olive-stained oak, its cream-coloured frieze and ceiling of raised plasterwork, and its brickdust felt carpet strewn with silk, long-fringed Persian rugs.
But not the Parthenon, not the frieze of Phidias at any price; and here comes the victoria.
100 m 2 GK-box walls with and without fire protection requirements; Approximately 4 500 m 2 GK prefabricated shells; Approximately 1 000 m 2 GK drywall cladding; Approximately 4 800 m 2 GK slope ceilings (smooth, perforated, partly with fire protection and hygiene requirements); Approximately 2 900 m 2 Mineral fiber screen, partly with GK-Frieze, with and without hygiene requirements; Approximately 1 900 m 2 of metal long-span ceilings with GK friezes, partly with and without fire protection requirement.
The friezes are the work of digital graphic enthusiast David Houlton, who by day works in IT and who spends his spare time fundraising for cancer charities.
Saariaho acknowledges that her landscapes, especially "Pavage," are inspired by the art of MC Escher and the painted friezes of Odilon Redon, which she recently saw in an exhibition.
The friezes of the Hekate Sanctuary are currently on displayed at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum.
Most temples had friezes, but the decoration of the Parthenon was by far the biggest, most complicated and most detailed.
Two bronze friezes by artist Paul Day depict various scenes from her life, including visiting bombed-out Londoners during the Blitz and enjoying a day at the races.
has just added three crowns and three friezes to its Gesso Collection.
More than 4,000 ancient statues, friezes and others will be transported by a series of cranes to the glass-and-concrete structure near the foot of the ancient hill.
In the tomb chamber, the white marble dados and the cenotaphs of Shah Jahan and his wife are covered in pietra dura flowers of blue lapis lazuli, red jasper, greenish jade and quartz, yellow marble and many other coloured stones to create ravishing friezes of flowers.
The stone has been used to build three semi-circular parapets, featuring sculptured friezes by landscape artist Howard Bowcott in the walling and columns.
Nursery and toddler classes near the Leam Lane Sure Start centre in Gateshead, were given art materials to create a series of wall friezes depicting the Easter scene.