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a breed of dairy cattle from northern Holland

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Borderway Monthly Dairy Day Sorrow Stones Farm Tops September Dairy Trade The September Borderway Monthly Dairy Day sale had something for all buyers from high yielding Holstein heifers, fabulous British Friesians and an outstanding offering of cross bred cattle.
Keywords: Holstein Friesian, birth weight, milk yield, lactation length, correlation.
Young handlers Christie Baker, Alun Rees and Fflur Davies with the winning British Holstein, British Friesian and <BJersey calves which respectively earned the top three places at the South Wales (All Breeds) Dairy calf Show
After this collation, the final data set contained 154 Holstein Friesian cows and 24 Illawarra cows.
Foram utilizadas sessenta e sete ovelhas multiparas, imediatamente apos o desmame dos cordeiros, sendo 21 da raca East Friesian e 46 da raca Lacaune, com media de 44[+ or -]7,2 dias em lactacao (DEL).
The Friesian x Sanga crossbred cattle were raised under agro-pastoral system to acclimatize them to the management practices on the Accra Plains.
The Friesian Sahiwal breed produces over 3,000 litres per lactation, about 32 per cent higher.
Data on of 430 performance records (1995-2008) of 127 Holstein Friesian cows reared at Research Farm of Agricultural College at Ataturk University, Erzurum, Turkey was used to investigate the effects of environmental factors on the 305-days milk and milk fat yields.
The Bartons are proud owners of Papa and Ritsche, stunning Friesian horses.
The objective of the study was to compare growth performance, feed efficiency ratio and some behavioural characteristics of Holstein Friesian calves kept on wooden slat, rubber mats or concrete pens.
The prevalence of the blood protozoa was studied by sampling from Sahiwal and Friesian cattle, 500 each, from livestock farms in three districts of Punjab province during September 2006 to August 2007.
One of the highlights will be Welsh British Driving Society chairman Modris Kesans with his pair of Friesian horses.
Different breeds of cows such as Jersey, Friesian, Cross-bred Friesian, Cross-bred Jersey and Kangayam are also reared in the farm.
Lichfield District Council has moved the three Aberdeen Angus-British Friesian cows and one Belgian Blue-British Friesian, which are on loan from a local farmer, from Anglesey Basin at Chasewater Country Park to Heathland Translocation until September.
Interest in the Montbeliard and traditional British dual-purpose breeds (Shorthorn, British Friesian and Red Poll) could mark a return to sanity.