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a breed of dairy cattle from northern Holland

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Blonde PS1133, PS1127 Glenzierfoot Holstein PS1094 North Scales Hereford PS1060 Walby Grange British Friesian PS1021 Aulby Farm Aberdeen Angus PS1020 Oakwood Farm Holstein Friesian PS979 Upper Portrack, PS976 Kirkbride House, PS925 Fauld Farm Montbeliarde PS902 Greystone House Leading prices per kilo: Limousin 217.
Black and whites slightly harder to cash on the week achieving a top of PS840 for three Friesian from Messrs Moscrop, Rye Close, Carlisle.
Breed Report: Charolais heifers to 725, av 549, steers to 600, av 586, bulls to 510, av 458; Limousin heifers to 805, av 525, steers to 975, av 686, bulls to 570, av 368; BB heifers to 760, av 616, steers to 850, av 745, bulls to 390, av 390; Hereford heifers to 485, av 417, steers to 890, av 545, bulls to 505, av 390; AA heifers to 445, av 433, steers to 460, av 458, bulls to 465, av 385; Holstein/Friesian heifers to 640, av 445, steers to 485, av 442, bulls to 385, av 263; Simmental steers to 740, av 660; Welsh Black bulls to 460, av 460; Friesian steers to 340, av 340; Holstein steers to 340, av 340.
It was about this time the first pedigree Friesian was purchased and a grading up policy adopted for the enclosed herd which has seen no more than five cows bought in over the past 30 years.
So we decided to publicise the fact that everything was reduced in this sale by using outdoor images like this Friesian cow,' said Barretts of Feckenham's buying director Emma Parsons.
There were 10 well grown Swedish cross Holstein heifers and British Friesian heifers on offer topping at PS600 to average PS532.
Calves: Charolais bulls to pounds 268, heifers to pounds 280; Belgian bulls to pounds 292, heifers to pounds 200; Hereford bulls to pounds 220, heifers to pounds 132; Limousin bulls to pounds 220, heifers to pounds 238; Friesian bulls to pounds 75.
Life-sized sculptures of Friesian cattle are being sited on the grass-topped roof of the plush new Fort Dunlop development.
Bio technology firm ViaLactia bought the Friesian cow - named Marge - from her owner for just pounds 120 in 2001.
A tint has been added to the edge of the Friesian pattern design, to enhance the richness and thickness through the yellow, red brown and blue flavour differentiators.
The Friesian Horse Association of America will hold a judging event Monday at the Oregon Horse Center north of Eugene.
According to the brewery, Friesian Pilsener is a pale golden colored lager.
MORE than 600 people flocked to a farm auction featuring one of the country's last remaining British Friesian herds.
Cast Cow leading prices per head: Charolais PS1246, PS1151 Hallbankgate Farm, PS1241 Gretna House, PS1179 Finney Green Cottage, Limousin PS1217, PS1120, PS1106, PS1100 Tehillah Farm, PS1162, PS1123, PS1031 Haltcliffe, PS1103 Chapel Farm, PS1019 High Field, British Blue PS1127 Haas Grove Farm, Holstein Friesian PS885 The Laythes, British Friesian PS857 Laversdale Farm, Aberdeen Angus PS822 Waughslee.
The black friesian managed to break into a garden in the village of Motcombe, Dorset, and plunge into the 4ft pool.