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fire that injures or kills an ally


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Caption: Kurdish reports differ from Canadian statements following Sgt Andrew Do iron's friendly-fire death.
However, more germane to this article, in March 2006 the Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) began an extensive criminal investigation into the friendly-fire shootings, concluding that those Rangers in the second group "did not commit the offenses of Negligent Homicide or Aggravated Assault.
The inquiry, which produced a 47-page document recently delivered to the dead man's parents, "found that criminal investigators destroyed bullet fragments, agents failed to collect ballistic evidence from weapons at the checkpoint, medical personnel made incorrect notations on Buryj's records and military officials knew his death was a friendly-fire case months before they officially notified his family," White writes.
The part-time Defence and Scottish Secretary responsible for the Iranian hostages fiasco, said there was a "small margin of error" involved in the friendly-fire carnage.
The US air squadron involved in the friendly-fire incident in Iraq that killed Lance Corporal Matty Hull has apologised to his family.
Friendly-fire casualties always have been an unavoidable part of war, and despite years of effort and many millions of dollars for research and development, they continue to occur.
THE Commander of British forces fighting in Iraq flew home yesterday - and said that friendly-fire accidents during the conflict were 'just one of those things'.
The units will be used during the Army's planned demonstration of new digital battlefield technologies to show how real-time, point-of-engagement combat identification can reduce friendly-fire incidents.
It should be said that the report mentioned that the forward air controllers were not responsible for the friendly-fire incident, but were insufficiently trained for the type of combat operations they faced.
There has been growing frustration amongst British troops at the rate of friendly-fire incidents in the war.