friendly fire

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fire that injures or kills an ally


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His statement said he realised Apaches were attacking the base as he had heard them before, and that it was a friendly fire incident.
It was a tragedy that was never recorded in official military records, but the friendly fire incident was logged in the Battalion's own diary.
His mother Helen Perry was told at the time that her son was the victim of a friendly fire incident, but the details of what happened were held back.
This is believed to be the second friendly fire incident involving British troops in Afghanistan.
THE US military has issued a statement of 'condolences to the families of the deceased' in the friendly fire incident in Fallujah, saying it was aware of 'at least one death'.
This is the worst friendly fire incident of the war in Iraq).
A US soldier was killed in a friendly fire incident as he inspected an abandoned Iraqi tank.
cluster bomb bounced toward him during a friendly fire incident.
Summary: A Canadian special forces soldier was killed in a friendly fire incident after he and others ignored an order to stay in their car and showed up to the front line unannounced, a spokesman for Iraq's Kurdish forces said Sunday.
Kabul, Ramadan 23, 1434, August 01, 2013, SPA -- Four Afghan policemen have been killed in a friendly fire incident in the east of the country, a local official said on Thursday.
L Cpl Christopher Roney, 23, of 3rd Battalion The Rifles, was fatally wounded in the friendly fire incident when two Apaches helicopters called in to repel the Taliban fired on his base.
Asked about the incident, the ISAF media office said: "We are aware of a statement from Afghan officials in Nuristan province alleging a friendly fire incident.
An MoD spokesman said: "Initial reports suggest that the death was caused as a result of a friendly fire incident.
A Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "Further to the announcement of the death of a soldier from 3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment in Nad e-Ali [on Sunday], initial reports suggest that the death was caused as a result of a friendly fire incident.
We have confirmed that an investigation is under way into a suspected friendly fire incident," a MoD spokesman said.
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