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a takeover that is welcomed by the management of the target company

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Commissioner,(6) the Third Circuit, in affirming a Tax Court decision, held that a corporation must capitalize consulting fees, legal fees, and other expenses incurred in deciding whether to accept a friendly takeover bid.
The Court in INDOPCO concluded that investment banker fees, legal fees, proxy costs, and SEC fees incurred by a target corporation in a friendly takeover must be capitalized if the takeover produces significant future benefits.
Perhaps more significant than the narrow ruling relating to friendly takeovers was the direction the Court took in deciding INDOPCO.
a privately held consulting firm that specializes in crisis and turn-around management, liquidation and sales management, merger and acquisition consulting, hostile and friendly takeovers, and strategic planning advisory services for public and private business entities.
ABN AMRO has always stated that it will not deviate from its policy of only entering into friendly takeovers.
was acquired in a friendly takeover by the largest publicly held company in Australia, Broken Hill Proprietary Ltd.
Commissioner,(1) the court held that the costs incurred by a target in a friendly takeover constituted nondeductible capital expenditures.