friendly takeover

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a takeover that is welcomed by the management of the target company

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However, hostile acquisitions are not statistically different to friendly mergers, so there is no support for a policy which would make them more difficult to achieve.
Litigation from friendly mergers, hostile takeovers or leveraged buyouts often targets the surviving entity and the outgoing board.
In addition, Thompson Hine was recognized as a market leader for the following types of transactions: divestitures, friendly mergers, hostile takeovers, leveraged buy-outs, private acquisitions, private equity and private mergers.
Smaller manufacturers are also much more likely to participate in alliances, or even friendly mergers, with a classic example of the latter being the acquisition of Van Melle by its long-term partner Perfetti in 2001.
Consolidated's President Philip Rogers said, "Our strategy is to expand Consolidated's market leadership position in the Mid-Atlantic through friendly mergers with high-quality firms in key regions such as the Midwest and Northeast.
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