friendly takeover

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a takeover that is welcomed by the management of the target company

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He has also engaged in Corporate Proxy Solicitation & Advisory services that include hostile and friendly acquisitions, proxy contests and corporate takeover defenses.
For over half a century, Georgeson has specialized in complex solicitations such as hostile and friendly acquisitions, proxy contests and takeover defenses.
com) is a private equity firm with a middle-market focus that seeks to make friendly acquisitions and equity-related investments alongside management teams who have or desire a meaningful economic stake in the future success of their business.
Lynch Interactive has a long history of making friendly acquisitions and then providing the support and resources to help the acquired management to continue to provide an excellent level of service to its customers.
We see some exciting opportunities for Nuon to expand its global reach through environmentally friendly acquisitions, joint ventures and equity investments," he said.
The company, which employs 70 people, has more than doubled its size, as measured by billings and personnel, over the past five years, by acquiring seven firms through friendly acquisitions, and by providing outstanding, value-added services to its clients in the fields of manufacturing and distribution, construction, not for profit, professional services, individuals and grocery and food services.