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a takeover that is welcomed by the management of the target company

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30) Similarly, a hostile acquisition of the distributing or controlled corporation after the distribution would be disregarded -- but a friendly acquisition would generally be considered related to the distribution if it were pursuant to an arrangement negotiated (in whole or in part) prior to the distribution, even if it were subject to certain conditions (e.
A friendly acquisition is one in which the owners voluntarily sell all or a portion of their company's assets to another.
the Commissioner, the Supreme Court ruled that expenses incurred by a target company in a friendly acquisition were nondeductible capital expenditures because the transaction produced significant long-term benefits that extended beyond the close of the year the expenditures were made.
or pursue a friendly acquisition of the system or portions of the system.
under a friendly acquisition agreement which, to date, according to MIKP Board and its consultants, has not been paid for in line with the original agreement, which calls for payment, over time, in a combination of shares in ADCS and cash.
The friendly acquisition, in which K2 Chairman Kevan Coleman and K2 Managing Director Kevin Illingworth remain with the group, also marks the fusing of very similar company cultures.
The company also has the option of countering Steel Partners by finding a ''white knight'' business enterprise to mount a friendly acquisition, an industry source said.
PeopleSoft says Oracle is just trying to disrupt its friendly acquisition of JD Edwards, while JDE says Oracle may be breaking antitrust rules.
9 (1999), the Tax Court determined that officers' salaries and legal fees incurred by a target company in a friendly acquisition were required to be capitalized, because they were sufficiently related to an event that produced a significant long-term benefit.
It seemed, some hinted, that Mattel might be nearing a point where it might either have to adopt more aggressive tactics or walk away from the proposed friendly acquisition.
Careful planning is necessary when a company incurs expenses to resist a hostile takeover while implementing a friendly acquisition.
1) Justice Blackmun, writing for a unanimous court, affirmed the disallowance of deductions claimed by the taxpayer for legal fees and investment banking fees incurred by Indopco's predecessor, National Starch and Chemical Corporation, in connection with the friendly acquisition of National Starch by Unilever United States, Inc.
In that case, the Supreme Court decided that a taxpayer could not deduct the costs it incurred to facilitate a friendly acquisition.
Recently, the Tax Court in the National Starch & Chemical case upheld the IRS's assertion that fees (including the cost of a fairness opinion) incurred in a friendly acquisition must be capitalized.
We are already meeting with new customers that will immediately bring additional revenues to the Company and we have identified a number of friendly acquisition targets beyond the second company with which we already have a letter of intent.