Benjamin Franklin

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printer whose success as an author led him to take up politics


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he may wake some black night to find the flames licking about his ears--for fire is a good friend to the poor man, and I have seen a smoking heap of ashes where over night there stood just such another castlewick as Ashby.
In The Paw Collection: three classic stories in one book by Natalie Jane Prior and Terry Denton (Working Title Press, pb, 100 pp, 9781876288655), The Paw, a cat-burglar, is a friend to the poor.
Like their mothers," the author tells us, "the younger women remained profoundly Christocentric, and yet they tended to attach themselves more to the example of the living Christ as teacher and friend to the poor than to the agonies of his passion that had been the favorite subjects of meditation for Barbe Acarie and her peers.
He added: "The Catholic Church in Ireland has been a teacher, a nurse, a doctor, a friend to the poor and the friendless.