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king of Prussia from 1740 to 1786

the Holy Roman Emperor who led the Sixth Crusade and crowned himself king of Jerusalem (1194-1250)

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This led to the imposition of a doctrinal statement by the ruler, Elector Johann Friedrich II.
Professor of theology at the University of Jena from 1550 until 1561, when he was deprived of his professorship because of his adherence to the Gnesio-Lutheran position and loss of support of Elector Johann Friedrich II of Ernestine Saxony.
Friedrich II (the "Great," 1712-1786) casts a shadow over all of subsequent Prussian and German history.
In Friedrich II, the court cautions against the practice of federal courts creating common law to define what constitutes the "exercise" of custody rights and the exercise of access or visitation rights.
Of particular importance, however, are the manuscripts of compositions by Telemann (17 instrumental works; 1 opera; over 200 cantatas, 25 in unique copies) and Johann Adolf Hasse (90 operas; 42 sacred works), as well as by the wider circle of musicians serving at the Prussian court capelle, among them major holdings pertaining to the brothers Carl Heinrich and Johann Gottlieb Graun (420 instrumental works; 90 operas; 75 sacred works), the brothers George Anton and Franz Benda (altogether over 120 works), and substantial materials for Johann Friedrich Agricola, Friedrich II of Prussia, Johann Gottlieb Janitsch, Johann Joachim Quantz, and Christoph Schaffrath.
In addition to the famous Bach biography, he edited Dietrich Buxtehude: Orgelwerke (1876-77) for Denkmaler deutscher Tonkunst (which he helped to found), Heinrich Schlitz: Samtliche Werke (1885-94), and Friedrich II von Preussen: Musikalische Werke (1889).